About Us ISM vision and goal
  • Many fields of microscopy experience in recent years an enormous progress , which stretches the horizons of the observable micro to sub-nano world: individual rows of atoms in crystals can be observed and identified in the transmission electron microscope, the resolution limit of light microscopes was surpassed using super resolution techniques, atoms and bonds in individual molecules can be resolved with scanning probe microscopy …. the list is long and keeps on growing. These advancements already have an impact on many research fields in materials as well as in life sciences. Yet, progress does not come without new challenges: the sophistication level of sample preparation, equipment operation and image analysis is increasing, equipment becomes more expensive and, often, answering scientific questions requires complementary information that must be derived from more than one high-end microscopy technique.

  • In order to face these challenges, scientists that rely on microscopy techniques must adopt more than ever a collaborative approach, tread out of comfort zones and lay bridges between various disciplines and scientific identities.

  • The Israel Society for Microscopy, ISM, is an NGO founded in 1965. ISM serves not only as a home-base for a vibrant community of hard core microscopists but also as a hub for microscopy related activity and applications. Thus, ISM also provides service to researchers and students, who do not necessarily identify themselves as microscopists, yet do rely on microscopy techniques. Rising to the challenges described above, ISM offers physical and technological infrastructure for promoting collaboration between scientists, students and laboratories in Israel and abroad:

    • The annual ISM meeting – a celebration of microscopy, microanalysis and microimaing techniques and applications in materials as well as life sciences. The meetings host internationally leading scientists as well as local scientists and students. Link to ISM 214. Link to previous meetings.
    • Workshops and tutorials, which offer direct interaction with leading experts and hands on experience of microscopy related techniques.
    • ISM Commons – an internet space where members can meet each other, collaborate on projects, discuss on issues and share work.
    • Laboratory and infrastructure map – helps to locate facilities and increase their accessibility to the community, thus promoting more economical utilization of resources (the Israeli microscopy database).
  • By tapping into ISM’s activity Israeli scientists can leverage accessible assets of the local community, be it cutting edge know-how or equipment distributed over short distances in our small country, or the immediate interactions with fellow Israeli scientists. That being said, ISM also promotes and encourages collaborations with scientists an scientific societies abroad.

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