Academic Courses

Academic Microscopy Courses in Israel
  • The following list is partial and is being updated constantly. All suggestions and/or additions are always welcomed.

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev:
  Course Title:                      ''Introduction to Electron Microscopy for Natural Sciences''
  Course Title:                      ''Introduction to Electron Microscopy''
  Course Title:                      ''Advanced Methods for Characterization of Structural Defects''
  Course Title:                      ''Introduction to Microscopy – Basic Principles and Cryo Applications''

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology:
  Course Title:                      ''Electron Microscopy of Soft Materials''
  Course Title:                      ''Analytical Scanning Electron Microscopy''
  Course Title:                      ''Transmission Electron Microscopy in Materials Science''
Tel-Aviv University:
  Course Title:                      ''Scanning Electron Microscopy''

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