ISM2023, The 56th ISM Annual Meeting

Dear ISM members and friends,

Thank you all for participating and contributing to a very enjoyable and inspiring meeting.

Special thanks to all our plenary and invited speakers !

We wish to express our great appreciation to the Mutsafi and Benhalevy families for the Yael Mutsafi Memorial prize and for honoring us with their presence at the meeting.
Thanks to the scientific committees and especially to the heads of the committees, Amit Kohn, Tom Schultheiss and Leah Gheber. Thanks to the Margulis and Mutsafi prizes international committees and the Best posters committees.
We also wish to thank our partners from the industry and from academia for their generous financial support.

Congratulations to:

  • Jenny Capua Shenkar, from the Weizmann Institute of Science, recipient of the Mutsafi Memorial Prize for her work titled: “EXAMINING ATHEROSCLEROTIC LESIONS IN THREE DIMENSIONS AT THE NANOMETER SCALE WITH CATHODOLUMINESCENCE, CRYO-SEM AND CRYO-FIB/SEM
  • Avi Auslender, from the Tel Aviv University, recipient of the Margulis Memorial Prize for his work titled: “THE MEAN INNER POTENTIAL OF HEMATITE α−Fe2O3 ACROSS THE MORIN TRANSITION
  • Mor Angel, from Bar-Ilan University, recipient of the Best Poster in Life Science for her work titled: “RNA RELATED NUCLEAR PROCESSES MODULATE THE ASSEMBLY OF CYTOPLASMIC RNA GRANULES
  • Tali Lemcoff, from Ben-Gurion University, recipient of the Best Poster in Materials Science for her work titled: “BRILLIANT WHITENESS IN SHRIMP FROM ULTRA-THIN LAYERS OF BIREFRINGENT NANOSPHERES
  • Paz Drori, from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, recipient of the Best Poster in Instrumentation & Methodology Development  for her work titled: “COUNTING NANOPARTICLES IN GENERAL AND VIRUSES IN PARTICULAR ONE AT A TIME”
  • Hadar Nasi, from Weizmann Institute of Science, recipient of the 2023 Best Micrograph titled: “STREAM OF FLOWERS”.
Special thanks to Zahava Barkay who is retiring for her role as the ISM secretary and welcome to George Levi from Tel-Aviv university who was appointed as the new secretary of ISM for the next four years.
Please find attached some slides from the opening remarks with useful information to all ISM members. 
We hope to meet you again next year at the 57th annual meeting of ISM – ISM2024 !
With best wishes,

Yaron Kauffmann (Chair, ISM)

George Levi (Secretary, ISM)
Alexander Upcher (Treasurer, ISM)