27.10.2014 - 31.10.2014    
All Day

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The annual NIBSC cryo-workshop (NISBC 2014)

NIBSC with JEOL (UK) Ltd. and LEICA are holding a dedicated cryo-workshop based on technologies installed at the NIBSC Imaging laboratory, Potters Bar, London, UK. The course will be held over 5 days commencing Monday 27th October through to Friday 31st October 2014.

Delegate numbers will be strictly limited to ensure maximum hands-on training.

The course will embrace cryo-preparation techniques using Cryo-FEGSEM, Cryo-TEM with GIF quantum and many associated preparation techniques: High pressure freezing (HMP010), Freeze fracture (Leica/BAF060), Cryo-sectioning, Freeze substitution, Vitreous thin films (plunge freezing), Tomography and High resolution Cryo-FEG SEM. This year new automated acquisition solutions will also be taught.

The ethos of the course is very much “hands-on” with technical support lectures from scientists in these fields and application support from JEOL, LEICA and invited specialists from University of Lausanne and Max Plank Institute.

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