New “ISM – The Israel Society for Microscopy” WhatsApp Group

Dear ISM members and friends,

Recently many ISM members reported that some emails sent from ISM were blocked or rejected by the servers of the universities and institutes.
Therefore the ISM board decided to open an ISM WhatsApp group where all important messages will be posted as a backup to the emails.

The “ISM – The Israel Society for Microscopy” WhatsApp group is meant only for updates about the following:

  1. Information about important activities of the society
  2. Microscopy related job opportunities
  3. Information about scholarships
  4. Microscopy related news
Anyone who wishes to post important announcements to the group can send the message privately to the group admins and they will post it to the entire group.

The link for joining the group is –

With best wishes,

Yaron Kauffmann (Chair, ISM)
George Levi (Secretary, ISM)
Alexander Upcher (Treasurer, ISM)

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