In Memoriam

In Memoriam

The Israel Society for Microscopy wishes to honor the memory of our distinguished members who have contributed much to the advancement and development of microscopy in Israel over the years.

If accidentally we missed someone’s name or details, we apologize and would appreciate if one could in this regard.


Dr. Yael Mutsafi1981-2019Weizmann Institute of ScienceRead more
Mr. Talmon Arad1938-2019Weizmann Institute of ScienceRead more
ItzhakOhadProf. Itzhak Ohad1930-2016Hebrew University, JerusalemRead more
IlanHammelProf. Ilan Hammel1950-2016Tel-Aviv UniversityRead More
OlgaSteinProf. Olga Stein1925-2016Hebrew University, Jerusalem
MonaCastelProf. Mona Castel1931-2015Hebrew University, JerusalemRead more
Yehuda MARIKOVSKYDr. Yehuda Marikovsky1924-2015Weizmann Institute of Science
david danonProf. David Danon1921-2015Weizmann Institute of ScienceRead more
EnriqueGrunbaum-150x150Prof. Enrique Grünbaum 1927-2013Tel-Aviv UniversityRead more
Prof. Joseph (Yossi) Sperling1939-2013Weizmann Institute of Science
Prof. Yehuda Ben Shaul 1930-2012Tel-Aviv University
FriedlanderProf. Michael Friedlander1930-2011Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva
Prof. Moshe Wolman1914-2009Tel Hashomer Hospital
Dr. Sara Cohen-Krauz1963-2009Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Prof. Ilan Friedberg 1934-2008Tel-Aviv University
Prof. Jacob Wahrman1924-2005Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Yael MesserDr. Yael Messer1935-2003Ichilov Hospital, Tel-Aviv
Mr. Nathan Orgal1928-2000Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Dr. Lev Margulis1941-1996Weizmann Institute of Science
Prof. Jack Gross 1921-1994Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Prof. Rena Yarom1922-1993Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Prof. Shimon Klein 1922-1984Hebrew University, Jerusalem

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