ISM virtual art exhibition – 2021

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Dear ISM members and friends,

The Israel Society for Microscopy raises this first virtual art microscopy exhibition with over 40 researchers from all the Israeli academic institutes (names and affiliations of the contributors are at the bottom of this page) and over 100 art pieces.

The art exhibition, which mainly includes microscope micrographs and paintings, originates from the eyes of researchers, which are using a variety of microscopic methods (optical, electron, scanning probe).

The main exhibition aspects include deep exploration into the materials and methods, showing physical-biological concepts behind the scientific work as well as some historical background of microscopy.

The modification of scientific work to artwork is the linkage between the scientific world and the real-life macroscopic world.

This exhibition thus intends to provide a tight bonding between Microscopy, Art and Social life. Finally, we provide microscopy with a smile!

The journey starts here and you are welcome to be part of the dream!

The ISM board thanks Zahava Barkay for initiating this idea and for serving as the curator of the exhibition.
Warm acknowledgements to over 40 contributors with over 100 art pieces from all academic institutes in Israel.
Special thanks to the ISM art exhibition committee: Einat Zelinger, Ifat Kaplan-Ashiri, Yafit Fleger & Yaron Kauffmann.

Names and affiliations of the contributors to the ISM art exhibition:
Oren Elishav (Technion), Shir Tabac (Technion), Amram Azulay (Technion), Yu Chen, Gal Radovsky, Ehud Gazit (Tel Aviv University), Reut Gal (Technion), Rotem Shitrit (Tel Aviv University), Nir Galili (Weizmann Institute), Nethanel Friedman (Hebrew University), Ellina Kesselman (Technion), Rajashree Konar (Bar-Ilan University), Arnon Fluksman (Hebrew University), Ilana Shtein (Eastern R&D Center), Shira Gal (Volcani Center), Benzion Amoyav (Hebrew University), Asia Matatyaho-Yaakobi (Technion), Ella Sanders (Weizmann Institute), Assaf Gavish (Weizmann Institute), Gil Bergman (Bar-Ilan University), Yuval Garty (Weizmann Institute), Lotan Portal (Technion), Avital Wagner (Ben-Gurion University), Eliana Steinberg (Hebrew University), Zahava Barkay (Tel-Aviv University), Neta Varsano (Weizmann Institute), Shahar Taiber (Tel Aviv University), Ofer Burg (Hebrew University), Gilat Sacks (Shaare Zedek Medical Center), Marina Safrigin (Bar-Ilan University), Chander Pratap Singh (Ben-Gurion University), Li-or Cohen (Technion), Avishai Ziv , Itai Gerlitz (Technion), Maria Tkachev (Bar-Ilan University), Rotem Zilberberg (Technion), Shai Adar Levor (Ben Gurion University), Ruth Aizen (Tel Aviv University), Eitan Edri (Bar-Ilan University), Raanan Bodzin (Geological Survey of Israel), Linoy Dery (Hebrew University), Hila Sagi (Hebrew University), Alina Kolpakova (Weizmann Institute), Hadar Shaked (Technion), Adam Budniak (Technion), Yael Zvulunov (Technion).

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