ISM real art exhibition – 2021
Fight of colors
Ellina Kesselman / Technion

TEM Micrograph of a Freeze-fracture replica, Tecnai T-12 TEM, artificial coloring.
PI: Prof. Ishi Talmon, Technion.
Alina Kolpakova / Weizmann Institute

Drosophila testis. Expression pattern of the somatic (Marf, green) and the testis-specific (Fzo, red) Mitofusins, visualizing mitochondrial morphological changes during spermatogenesis. The image was obtained using Dragonfly spinning disc confocal microscope.
Spiral ganglion neurons
Shahar Taiber / Tel-Aviv University

Confocal image of a mouse neonatal organ of Corti. Spiral ganglion neurons are stained in yellow (beta3-tubulin) and nuclei are stained in pink (DAPI)
ZnO Chromosomes
Shir Tabac / Technion

Microscope micrograph of ZnO seed microrods observed at SEM that with an uncanny resemblance to a pair of chromosomes. Photo taken by EliyahuFarber.
Amram Azulay / Technion

Scanning electron microscopy SE micrograph taken from the surface of as-sintered polycrystalline Y-doped Ca2MnO4 sample for thermoelectric energy conversion.
Disco party
Avital Wagner / Ben-Gurion University

Polarizing microscope image of hypoxanthine monohydrate crystals. The colors in the image are created naturally by optical birefringence of the crystals.
Oren Elishav / Technion

Painted SEM SE image of electrospun polyvinylpyrrolidone nanofiber contaminated with a nanoparticle in the shape of a frog.
"Mike & Like" limited edition
Nethanel Friedman / Hebrew University

Fabricated gold nanords demonstrated in TEM, mag: X250,0000.
Pagoda on Water
Ella Sanders / Weizmann Institute

Layers of microscopic lead iodide placed in different orientations by SEM surface imaging.
Sweet Division
Shai Adar Levor / Ben-Gurion University

Image of dividing cells at zebrafish embryo in blastula stage. Imaged using spinning disk confocal microscope. Microtubules are shown.
Yu Chen, Gal Radovsky & Ehud Gazit / Tel-Aviv University

Scanning electron microscopy image with BSE detector showing carnosine-Zn supramolecular multi-porous microspheres. They were synthesized using the seeded emulsion assisted crosslinking method. The image shows the near-spherical of Carnosine-Zn, with an average diameter of ~5 μm, and uniformly distributed macroporous structures on the surface with a diameter of ~300 nm, as well as mesoporous structures formed between thescaffolds, with a mean size of 2-10 nm
Neta Varsano / Weizmann Institute

Artistic representation of ascidian spicules produced by Didemnidae a family of colonial tunicates. The SEM micrograph was taken by prof. Lowenstam Heinz – one of the pioneers in the field of biomineralization.
History of Electron and Optical Microscopy
Zahava Barkay / Tel-Aviv University

Historical development of microscopy is shown in this acrylic on canvas painting: scanning electron microscopy including atomic model (on the left) and various optical tools including Galileo microscope (on the right). The image on the SEM screen provides the background for the whole scene.
Winter Winds
Rotem Zilberberg / Technion

Spiral and fractal Si crystals surrounded by gold. Microscope – Olympus BX51.
Podocyte Bat
Marina Safrigin / Bar-Ilan University

Cell Bat. hiPSC derived podocyte stained by Hoechst for nuclei, phalloidin for actin, and synaptopodin immunofluorescence staining for actin-associated proteins. Optical Microscope X20
White Cliffs of Dover
Gil Bergman / Bar-Ilan University

SEM Micrograph of TiO2 nanotubes cross section using a HR-SEM transforms into the White Cliffs of Dover.
Blossom of the Zinc Oxide
Eitan Edri / Bar-Ilan University

A SEM SE image showing a substrate covered by ZnO which grows in a flower-field form.
Ascent to the Heavens
Assaf Gavish / Weizmann Institute

Light Microscopy image. As a colony of a reef-building coral (P. damicornis) is infected by its ruthless nemesis, the bacteria V.coralliilyticus, one courageous polyp decides to bail-out of his mothership, in hope of continuing her legacy in a safe haven.The bailed-out polyp, on the right, safe and sound with all its symbiotic algae (red – Chlorophyll) and tentacles presentingthe naturally occurring GFP (green), gazes upon the misfortune of his twin, a necrotic polyp (on the left), his bodyscavenged on by genetically-modified fluorescent bacteria (blue), revealing the skeleton of the colony on which it oncethrived (white).
Nano Pines
Ofer Burg / Hebrew University

A SEM image of an array of platinum pillars. The pillars resemble a dense forest or taiga. Digital colouring the empty areas in the middle of the image looks like lakes.
Rajashree Konar / Bar-Ilan University

SEM SE mage of bulk Nickel Selenide (NiSe) grown in an ambient pressure CVD.
Tumor Spheroids Treated With Particles
Eliana Steinberg / Hebrew University

A431 tumor spheroids stained with Actin and treated with particles loaded with Coumarin-6. Spheroids were cleared and then imaged with a Confocal Microscope.
Smile is the best medicine!
Benzion Amoyav / Hebrew University

The covid-19 pandemic has changed our world significantly, specifically the way we are socially interact. Keep smiling – with your mask on 🙂
The SEM SE image shows polycarpolactone (PCL) 12% particle prepared using a double emulsion method.
Rapid Sintering
Li-or Cohen / Technion

The secondary electron micrograph was taken by Zeiss Ultra-Plus HRSEM microscope. The micrograph shows the microstructure of undoped alumina fabricated by slip-casting and rapid sintered at 1600⁰C for 3 minutes. The final body resulted in a relative density of 92%.
Adam Budniak / Technion

The edge of mechanically exfoliated CrPS4 in [001] Z.A. Please pay attention to the sharp, crystalline verge. X1M magnification micrograph registered by simple, thermionic gun, no-Cs-corrector FEI Tecnai T20 LaB6 TEM; ABSF (filtering) applied.
Peptide self assembly
Rotem Shitrit / Tel-Aviv university

HydroxyProline-Phenylalanine-phenylalanine peptide self assembly on flexible surface - Optical microscopy.
Nano Lotus
ChanderPratap Singh / Ben-Gurion University

SEM SE image of Vanadium sample.
Aragonite crystals
Raanan Bodzin / Geological Survey of Israel

SEM SE image of Aragonite crystals (one of the crystal forms of calcium carbonate CaCO3 mineral) from a hydrothermal cave in the northern Negev. Credit: Boaz Langford investigator, Raanan Bodzin - SEM.
Cryo-SEM of Carbon Nanotubes
Asia Matatyaho-Yaakobi / Technion

Cryo-SEM of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) dissolved in methanesulfonic acid at a concentration of 0.5 mg/mL showing an isotropic phase with short-range ordered domains.
Nano Space
Linoy Dery / Hebrew University

Self-assembly of silica nanoparticles on a surface looks like the solar system in SEM.
Mite-Art: A Spider-Mite takes a hike
Shira Gal / Volcani Center

A Spider-Mite walking on a bean flower. Photo taken with a Hirox 3D digital microscope RH-2000.

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