Nano Fabrication Competition

The ISM2016 Device Fabrication at Nano and Micro Scales Competition:


The Device Fabrication at Nano and Micro Scales competition was specially organized as part of the ISM golden jubilee celebration. The competition is conducted with collaboration and sponsorship of the Jerusalem Nano Bible company.

This competition is devoted to innovative device fabrication by any method involving optical microcopy, atomic force microscopy, electron beam lithography, ion/dual beam microscopy, in-situ SEM/TEM or by improving conventional TEM/SEM device fabrication methods”.

The criteria used for the evaluation of the work are:

  • Innovation – improvement of traditional methods, innovative process, or combination of processes involving different microscopy fields, etc.
  • Attractive presentation – by 2D or 3D illustration, “live working” demo (such MEMS operation) or scientific image of aesthetic/artistic impact, etc.

The application is open for all participants of ISM2016. You are invited to take part in the competition by uploading a high quality digital picture along with 1 page description of the project.

To participate in the competition please upload a short abstract describing the device fabricated and the fabrication process to the abstract submission system. In the “Presentation Type & Topics” section please choose the following:

  • “Presentation Type” –> “Competition”
  • “Topics” –> “Device Fabrication Competition”.


Deadline for abstract submission: April 3rd, 2016

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