Posters and Sound bite

Posters session

Please prepare the poster following this guidelines:

  • Poster’s size should not exceed: width=100 cm, no limitation on height (within acceptable poster formats).
  • Mark the presenter’s name with an underline.

Two prizes will be awarded to the best posters – one in Materials science and one in Life science.

Sound bite session

Before the poster session a sound bite session will be held in the main lecture hall.

In the sound bites session, all poster presenters are invited to orally advertise for their poster. This advertisement could include up to two PowerPoint slides and should take no more than 3 minutes.

The aim of this short presentation is to attract people to your poster so it should be more like a teaser rather than the whole story of your work, and you are strongly encouraged to be creative and humoristic.

All poster presenters will be contacted at a later stage and invited to register for the sound bite session.

To compete for the best poster prize you must participate in the sound bite!

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