Event Mobile App

ISM2017 Mobile App for Smartphones and Tablets (Android & iPhone):

We are happy to offer a Zwoor Event App for this year’s conference.

The app contains detailed information on all of the conference sessions and activities, and we encourage you to use it as your source of information for selecting sessions and navigating the conference.

To access the app, download the app associated with your particular mobile device and use the meeting code QSS871.

The following QR code offers quick access to the online conference information :qrCode_QSS871

To use the native app (offline) version on your smartphone/tablet click on the link marked by the red circle in the following screenshot (#1) and download the free Zwoor app from Goggle-play or iTune:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot #1

After installing the Zwoor event app on your device add the ISM2017 meeting by clicking on the “+” marked by the red arrow shown in screenshot #2 left and enter the meeting code QSS871 in the dialogue box shown in the right screenshot :

Screenshot #2

Screenshot #2

To update the conference information to the latest version use the refresh button marked by the red arrow in the following screenshot (#3) :

Screenshot 2

Screenshot #3

To access the conference information on any Internet device, simply go to:

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