Meeting Topics

[fruitful_tabs type=”default” width=”100%” fit=”true” ] [fruitful_tab title=”Instrumentation & Techniques :”]
  • Electron optics and optical elements
  • High resolution TEM and STEM
  • Super-resolution light microscopy and nanoscopy imaging
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Analytical electron microscopy
  • Environmental electron microscopy
  • In-situ microscopic techniques and cryo-microscopies
  • Electron diffraction techniques
  • Electron crystallography
  • Electron tomography
  • Electron holography and lens-less imaging
  • Surface microscopy and spectroscopy
  • Focused ion beam microscopy and techniques
  • Scanning probe microscopy and near-field microscopies
  • X-ray, neutron and other microscopies
  • Electron microscopy theory and simulations
  • Atom probe tomography
[/fruitful_tab] [fruitful_tab title=”Materials Science :”]
  • Nanoobjects and engineered nanostructures, catalytic materials
  • Carbon-based nanomaterials, nanotubes, fullerenes, graphenes
  • Thin films, coatings and surfaces
  • Metals, alloys and metal matrix composites
  • Ceramics and inorganic materials
  • Polymers and organic materials
  • Composite materials and hybrids
  • Semiconductors and materials for information technologies
  • Defects in materials and phase transformations
  • Porous and architectured materials
  • Amorphous and disordered materials, liquid crystals, quasicrystals
  • Magnetic, superconducting, ferroelectric and multiferroic materials
  • Materials in geology, mineralogy and archeology
  • Energy-related materials
[/fruitful_tab] [fruitful_tab title=”Life Sciences :”]
  • Live imaging of cells, tissues and organs
  • Structure and function of cells and organelles
  • Super-resolution localization of molecular targets and macromolecular complexes
  • Structure of macromolecules and macromolecular complexes
  • Cellular transport and dynamics
  • Microbiology and virology
  • Invertebrates and parasitology
  • Plant science and mycology
  • Genetically-modified organisms and animal science
  • Human health and disease
  • Physiology and pathology
  • Advances in immunohistochemistry and cytochemistry
  • Embryology and development biology
  • Neuroscience
[/fruitful_tab] [fruitful_tab title=”Interdisciplinary :”]
  • Correlative microscopy in life and material sciences
  • Imaging mass spectrometry
  • Microscopy of single molecule dynamics
  • High-throughput microscopy and its applications in life and material sciences
  • Nanoparticles: Biomedical applications and bio-safety issues
  • Microscopy in forensic science
  • Microscopy in arts, restoration and archeology
  • Three-dimensional reconstructions in microscopy
  • Microscopic image analysis and stereology
  • Advances in sample preparation techniques
  • Multidisciplinary applications of progressive light microscopy imaging techniques
  • In-situ and environmental microscopy of processes in materials and material reactions
  • Materials for medicine and biomaterials
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