Micrographs Competition

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 Micrographs Submission Deadline: May 10, 2018 


Micrographs Competition

The image competition is a unique opportunity to share with the community the beautiful worlds revealed by your kind of microscopy technique. As the emphasis is on the visually appealing rather than on the scientific aspect of the images, micrographs submitted to the competition can be colorized and manipulated. You are encouraged to be free and playful!

The winning micrograph will be posted on the ISM website and, if found suitable, may be used as a decoration for the next ISM meeting.

Required information:

  • Recommended image resolution: minimum 300 DPI at final size of A4 in digital format (jpg).
  • Title – does not have to be scientific.
  • Name & affiliation
  • Short scientific description and context.
  • A calibrated scale bar is mandatory.

Please see example below.

ISM will provide a hard copy of the image and present it during the meeting. You are free to take the hard copy after the meeting!

By applying to the competition all rights for using the images are given to ISM according to the ISM website terms of use, including the right to use the image on ISM’s site as part of its design (credit will be given).


Pop art guanine and POPC vesicles

Dvir Gur, Department of Structural Biology Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot, Israel

This image shows a multilamellar POPC vesicle with guanine between some of its lamellas. The vesicle was prepared in a try to mimic the micro environment of guanine crystals present in some spices of fish and spiders, both of which make use of anhydrous guanine crystal plates to produce structural colors. The image was taken with a scanning electron microscope on Cryo mode. Cryo-SEM sample preparation and imaging allows the samples to remain hydrated, avoiding the drying effects of conventional sample preparation. The sample was prepared using high pressure freezing and freeze fracture techniques.

The final image printed by ISM (compressed format):


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