Margulis Prize

 Deadline for Margulis Prize submission for Materials Science: March 1, 2022 


The Lev Margulis Memorial Prize :

The Lev Margulis Memorial Prize is awarded annually to an outstanding Israeli student in the field of microscopy for Materials Science.

The selected student will receive the prize during the opening ceremony of the annual conference, and will give a talk on his/her work during the afternoon session.

In order to submit an application for the Lev Margulis prize you must first register to the meeting and then submit an application which should include:

(a) An extended abstract (2 pages) should be submitted using the abstract submission form.

(b) At least one recommendation letter (from the student’s advisor) should be sent to Dr. Yaron Kauffmann (not via the student). We request that the recommendation letters outline the unique microscopy aspects of the student’s work and his/her microscopy skills.

(c) If several people contributed the work please specify their names, affiliations. Please specify the contribution of the applicant and each participant in the research.

Only one student from a given group may apply for the prize.

Deadline for prize application: March 1, 2022

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