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July, 2021
The Elia lab is looking for excellent MSC and PHD students for an innovative interdisciplinary project that involves cell biology, super resolution microscopy and biochemistry to address fundamental questions in the origin of eukaryotic cells.
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June, 2021
The Weizmann Institute of Science is looking for a X-ray imaging/MicroCT specialist
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April, 2021
JEOL (UK) is looking for a high-end TEM Support engineer for Israel
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March, 2021
The Tel Aviv University Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology is looking for a FIB specialist.
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December, 2020
The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences in the Hebrew University is looking for a Brain Imaging Specialist
The role of the microscopy core unit is to help scientists apply advanced microscopy techniques to their biological research through specific-project solutions. The core is expected to develop, hands on, and together with the scientists, robust solutions to research problems using the most advanced imaging and analysis techniques. The core will also manage a shared-use microscopy unit. The shared-use microscopy core facility is located in a designated space within the Goodman Brain Sciences Building in Safra Campus and is focused on light microscopy. In addition to the facility and the in-lab microscopes, the facility also provides software and hardware resources for data acquisition and image analysis.
For detailed description of the job please see here.
To apply please send your application documents in PDF format to
Last date for submission: December 24, 2020
September, 2020
Ziv Reich’s lab from the Weizmann Institute has an opening for a postdoc.
The study concerns structural adaptations of the photosynthetic system and involves state-of-the-art electron microscopy techniques including: freeze-fracture scanning electron microscopy, advanced cryo-focused ion beam specimen preparations, cryo-electron tomography and 3D image processing.
To apply please send your CV to
March, 2020
The department of biological regulation at the Weizmann Institute is looking for an expert in Lighr microscopy & cellular imaging.
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March, 2020
A postdoc position is available in Yoav Shechtman’s lab at the Technion, Haifa, Israel.

The research will focus on combining optical design and computational methods for optical measurements at very high spatio-temporal resolution, with biological applications.
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March, 2020
Professors Ober and Ward who are relocating their research group from the USA to the University of Southampton (UK) are looking for a scientist for their research group.
Their interdisciplinary research program is dedicated to the development of advanced microscopy approaches, in particular single molecule methods and subcellular trafficking studies.
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January, 2020
A PhD and M.Sc. positions are now available in the group of Prof. Amit Kohn at Tel-Aviv University (Israel).
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March, 2020
EMC2020 are offering travel bursaries to young scientists, technicians and lab employees, which can hopefully assist our members financially to participate in this important microscopy conference.
Click here for the application form which will need to be filled in and returned to Kate Jermey (, emc2020 Conference Organiser, for review.

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