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Instrument NameInstrument TypeInstrument PhotoSpecial DetectorsLab instituteContact personContact email
JSM-7400F SEM SE, BS, EDS, CL, InLens. BGU Einat Nativ Roth einatna AT bgu.ac.il
MERLIN HR- SEM BIU Dafna Ben Yosef dafna.ben-yosef AT mail.biu.ac.il
Zeiss inverted Cell Observer for live cell experiments Light microscope BIU dafna ben yosef dafna.ben-yosef AT mail.biu.ac.il
Zeiss AxioImager M2 with apotome Light microscope BIU Dafna ben yosef Dafna.ben-yosef AT mail.biu.ac.il
LSM780 Confocal microscope GaAsP super sensitive detectors BIU Dafna Ben Yosef dafna.ben-yosef AT mail.biu.ac.il
LSM710 Light microscope HUJI Yael Feinstein Rotkopf feinsteinrotkopf AT gmail.com
Axio Observer Z1 Light microscope EMCCD Weizmann Reinat Nevo reinat.nevo AT weizmann.ac.il
Olympus FV-1200 Confocal microscope HUJI Naomi Book book AT mail.huji.ac.il
Tecani T12 TEM BGU Einat Nativ Rot einatna AT bgu.ac.il
AFS / AFS2 freeze substitution device Sample preparation tool Weizmann Eyal Shimoni shimoni.eyal (at) gmail.com

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