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Microscopes, Sample preparation, Analysis tools, Special detectors

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Strata 400S Dual Beam FIB
Special Detectors
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The Strata 400 STEM Dual-Beam system is a fully digital field emission scanning electron microscope (FEG-SEM) equipped with FIB technology and a Flipstage-STEM assembly. It provides for complete in-situ sample preparation and high-resolution analysis. The key enabling technologies are all integrated onto a single platform such as:

Ultra-high resolution electron optics (magnetic immersion lens with ultra-high brightness Sirion emitter) with SE and BSE in-lens detection and STEM imaging.

High-resolution (field emission) Ion Optics (Sidewinderâ„¢ column).

Advanced control of Gas Chemistries including Delineation Etch, Metal Etch, C Deposition, Pt Deposition, SiO2Deposition, and Au Deposition.

High-precision piezo specimen stage with 100 mm travel along the x and y axes, and integrated loadlock.

Omniprobe 200 sample extraction system for lift-out TEM specimen preparation.

Flipstage pivoting TEM grid mount.

Retractable, multi-region STEM detector (including HAADF)

A high-resolution 4k digital patterning engine.

Automation with full access to e-beam, I-beam, patterning and gas chemistry functionality.

The system architecture is optimized for automation, which is includes AutoFIB, AutoTEM, AutoSlice and View, and the ability to develop custom-made routines for specific application needs.

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Zisafel building, Technion

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Tzipi Cohen Hyams
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tzipic AT technion.ac.il
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