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Microscopes, Sample preparation, Analysis tools, Special detectors

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IN Cell Analyser 2000
Special Detectors
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The IN Cell Analyzer 2000 is an automated cellular and subcellular imaging system for fixed and live cells. The system is equipped with environmental chamber, including temperature (heating), humidity and CO2 controls. The system enables cell analysis from investigative microscopy to automated high-content screening, from organelles to cells, to tissues, to whole organisms and from fixed end-point assays to extended live cell studies. The IN Cell Analyzer 2000 delivers accurate, high speed imaging through a combination of proprietary optics, fast hardware and software autofocus, with a high performance CCD camera. This results in rapid well-to-well imaging and, combined with a bright light source, lower exposure times for increased speed with no compromise on image quality & cell health.

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The Lorry I. Lokey Interdisciplinary Center for Life Sciences and Engineering
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Microscopy unit
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Emerson building, second floor

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Dr. Nitsan Dahan
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ndahan AT technion.ac.il
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