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Microscopes, Sample preparation, Analysis tools, Special detectors

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Zeiss Ultra-Plus FEG-SEM
Special Detectors
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A Schottky field emmission gun SEM (FEG-SEM) which includes a heating stage up to 1050oC, a 80mm2 active area Oxford SDD EDS detector with an energy resolution of 127eV and a unique combination of detectors:

  • Everhart Thornley chamber secondary electrons detector.
  • In-lens secondary electrons detector.
  • In-lens energy selected back scattered detector.
  • Four-quadrant angular selected back scattered detector allowing imaging in orientation, topographic or composition modes.
  • Transmission electron detector for STEM operations allowing bright and dark field imaging modes.

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Electron Microscopy Center located at the Department of Materials Engineering at the Technion
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Department of Materials SCience & Engineering

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Dr. Alex Berner
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berner AT tx.technion.ac.il
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04-8294568, 5795
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