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Microscopes, Sample preparation, Analysis tools, Special detectors

Instrument Name
Tecnai T12
Special Detectors
4K FEI Eagle CCD
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Transmission electron microscope Tecnai G2Spirit Twin T-12 allows full range of TEM analysis (imaging and diffraction) with the resolution of about 0.34 nm. The microscope is equipped with the superior high sensitive 4K FEI Eagle CCD camera which being combined with mild accelerating voltage enables TEM analysis of beam-sensitive materials like polymers, organic compounds, materials with low electron density. Also, the morphology and the crystallography of metals, ceramics, semiconductors, multi-layers, composite materials and biomaterials at the nanometer scale range could be obtained.

The T12 microscope also operates in Cryo-mode. When using the microscope in cryo-mode, specimens must be Vitrified. This means that specimens are frozen very rapidly and hence, water molecules do not form ice crystals but instead form an  amorphous ice. This method has significant advantages which no other microscopy method enables; the sample is kept frozen, therefore there is no need to stain or fixate the sample. The sample remains in an aqueous solution which means that biological material such as proteins and membranes are observed in a close to natural stated and are not deformed or influenced by dehydration, staining and fixation. The same is true for the objects in aqueous dispersions and/or colloidal systems: aggregation and subsequent morphological changes could be avoided by preparation of vitrified sample and its analysis with Cryo-electron microscope.  

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Nano center
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Givat Ram
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supply building ground floor

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Dr. Einat Grossman
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einatg AT savion.huji.ac.il
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