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Microscopes, Sample preparation, Analysis tools, Special detectors

Instrument Name
BioAFM NanoWizard II
JPK, Germany
Special Detectors
BioCell, Optical Microscope & photocamera, Kelvin Probe module
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Instrument Description

The Atomic Force Microscope for biological applications (BioAFM) NanoWizard II of the JPK Instruments AG company (Berlin, Germany) measures topography of surfaces at nanometric resolution. Other sample characteristics, originating from the probe-surface interactions, are acquired simultaneously with the topography. Elastic properties can be measured using Force Spectroscopy mode. This AFM is able to perform measurements in a controlled liquid environment (flow, temperature), which can be critical for living cell experiments. 

BioAFM NanoWizard II is equipped with the following accessories:
–        Antivibration system Halcyonics Micro 40 (floating table);

–        Optical inverted microscope Nikon TE2000-5;

–        CCD camera & software;

–        BioCell;

–        Heating/Cooling device HCS;

–        Kelvin probe module.

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Biotechnology & Food Engineering Faculty
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Nanometric Systems Characterization Center
Lab location
Biotechnology & Food Engineering Faculty, ground floor

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Dr. Ellina Kesselman
Contact email
ellina AT tx.technion.ac.il
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