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Microscopes, Sample preparation, Analysis tools, Special detectors

Instrument Name
Special Detectors
CL, EDS, AsB, InLens, ET
Instrument Photo
Instrument Description

The Zeiss SUPRA 55 SEM is equipped with various detectors. ET and Inlens for detection of SE1 and SE2 signals, angle selective back-scattered (AsB) detector for materials contrast and crystalline orientation, cathode-luminescence (CL) detector for detection of visible and UV light. The SUPRA 55 is also equipped with EDS (Oxford) with a 10mm detector and 129eV resolution.

Lab Details

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Lab name
Electron Microscopy Unit
Lab details
Moskovitz center for nano and bio-nano imaging
Lab location
Old Wolfson

Contact details

Contact person
Dr. Ifat Kaplan-Ashiri , Dr. Elena Kartvelishvily
Contact email
ifat.kaplan-ashiri@weizmann.ac.il, elena.kartvelishvily@weizmann.ac.il
Contact phone
08-934-5158, 08-934-4190
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