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Microscopes, Sample preparation, Analysis tools, Special detectors

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BAF 60 Freeze fracture device
Bal-Tec / Leica Microsystems
Special Detectors
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The BAF 60 freeze fracture device allows for the preparation of frozen aqueous samples for their observation in the cryo-SEM. Frozen samples are usually fractured in vacuum to expose inner surfaces and the sample is then transferred to observation in the cryo-SEM. Prior to its transfer, the sample can also be coated by metal and/or by carbon. It is possible to expose some components in the sample by controlled sublimation of water from the surface of the sample.The device can also be used for obtaining replicas of the sample surface, which is observed in the TEM.

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Electron Microscopy Unit
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Central EM facility
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Old Wolfson Building / Department of Chemical Research Support

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Eyal Shimoni
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shimoni.eyal (at) gmail.com
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