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Microscopes, Sample preparation, Analysis tools, Special detectors

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AFS / AFS2 freeze substitution device
Leica Microsystems
Special Detectors
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Device for freeze substitution. AFS is an older device using a controller for temperature control. AFS2 is a newer generation, using PC controlled temp.

The device allows for the gentle dehydration of samples frozen by high pressure freezing. Dehydration is conducted usually in acetone containing chemical fixatives (OsO4, Glutaraldehyde etc.). Once dehydrated, samples can be warmed up and embedded in plastic resin and further processed  for observation in the TEM.

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Electron Microscopy Unit
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Centralized EM facility
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Old Wolfson Building / Department of Chemical Research Support

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Eyal Shimoni
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shimoni.eyal (at) gmail.com
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