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Microscopes, Sample preparation, Analysis tools, Special detectors

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Special Detectors
GaAsP super sensitive detectors
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  • State of art confocal microscope with 34 parallel spectral GaAsP super sensitive detectors allows you to achieve images of unparalleled detail, even from the most challenging specimens. The incubated full motorized inverted¬†confocal equipped with 6 laser lines 405, 458, 488, 514, 561 and 633nm, control electronics and LSM-software ZEN.
  • The system includes multi-photon capabilities: equipped with 4-channel Non-Descanned Detection cascade (NDD), including unique cooled 2-channel GaAsP module for acquiring fluorescence at single photon signal levels and unmixing strongly overlapped emission signals.¬†

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Scientific equipment center
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building E
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Building E

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Dafna Ben Yosef
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dafna.ben-yosef AT mail.biu.ac.il
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