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Microscopes, Sample preparation, Analysis tools, Special detectors

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  • Zeiss HR-SEM system based on MERLIN platform including: GEMINI II column, solid chamber on an auto-pendulum anti-vibration system, with easy operation system SmartSem and dual joystick keyboard, for easy control. 5-axes motorized eucentric stage.

We also obtain the following  issue processing equipment for EM :

1.  Leica EM TP Automatic Tissue processor

Specifications: Turntable for 24 EM vials or 12 EM vials, Memory for 99 programs: each step from 00h00min 99h59min Delay start. Specimen agitation adjustable from 05Hz Preset and programmable reagent list of 200 reagents. Reagent list, includes: Buffer, osmium, OsO4, ethanol, resin, methanol.

2. Automated Critical Point Dryer Leica EM CPD300

  • Leica EM CPD300 dries specimens such as pollen, tissue, plants, insects, etc. as well as industrial samples, for example Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), in a fully automated and controlled process. This automated, controlled technique leads to perfect, reproducible results and ensures the same sample quality from every run.
  • Fully computer controlled, Fully automated, reproducible and controlled processes. Reduced CO2 consumption and running cost with new Leica Filler concept.


3. Quorum Sputter coater, model Q150T S – high resolution sputter coater 

Specifications: Quorum Sputter coater, model Q150T S – high resolution sputter coater for oxidising and non-oxidising (noble)metals.  A wide selection of sputtering targets is available, including iridium (Ir) and chromium (Cr) which are highly recommended for FE-SEM applications

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The Scientific Equipment Center
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Faculty of Medicine

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Dafna Ben Yosef
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dafna.ben-yosef AT mail.biu.ac.il
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