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Microscopes, Sample preparation, Analysis tools, Special detectors

Instrument Name
Ultra 55
Special Detectors
EsB, STEM, Cryo stage
Instrument Photo
Instrument Description

The Zeiss Ultra 55 is a high resolution SEM. It is equipped with several detectors; the E-T detector collects SE2 electrons and provide topographical information, the in-lens detector collects SE1 electrons and provide high resolution surface information, the EsB detector (which is an in lens detector) collects BS electrons at low voltages thus provide composition contrast for all samples including nonconductive or beam sensitive samples, the STEM detector collects transmitted electrons of thin samples (up to 100nm) at 30kV. Furthermore, the Ultra 55 is equipped with a cryo stage for cryo imaging of biological samples and synthetic soft materials.

Lab Details

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Lab name
Electron Microscopy Unit
Lab details
Moskovitz center for nano and bio-nano imaging
Lab location
Old Wolfson

Contact details

Contact person
Dr. Ifat Kaplan-Ashiri, Dr. Elena Kartvelisvily
Contact email
ifat.kaplan-ashiri@weizmann.ac.il, elena.kartvelishvily@weizmann.ac.il
Contact phone
08-934-5158, 08-934-4190
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